E3 is less than a month away. And with Sony missing out on the event, there will be a void at the event. However, with the new PlayStation 5 releasing next year, we should be hearing more about it soon.

We now have new information for the console release date. And new information about the price as well.

Let’s start with the console release date. When Wired had released their article about the PS5, we didn’t know the exact release date. They mentioned that the Dev Kits would be sent out to developers soon. Those kits will help the devs make their games for this new 8K console.

PlayStation 5 Arrives November 2020

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Thanks to Sony analyst Hideki Yasuda, the release date has been revealed. Sony is looking to release the new console in November 2020. This would make total sense since all of the developers who will make PlayStation 5 exclusive games need time to develop them.

With the release date being announced, the price was revealed as well. The new PlayStation will be priced at $499 at launch. That is huge for gamers. Most consoles release for either $599 or $699 at launch.

The $499 starting price is also really good for the gamers who can’t afford the more expensive consoles. And this will give both Nintendo and Microsoft a run for their money.

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