In this video, The Stupendous Wave outlines the reasons behind the loss of some of the most unique warriors in the Republic, and the extinction of an entire Jedi Order.

The Dahgee Jedi Order

These rare Jedi Masters seldom ventured to Corusant. Instead, the Republic permitted these Jedi to remain on their home world (Dahgee). Consequently, they operated there independently from the training of the those in the Temple.  One of their most unique characteristics was the crystals used to power the lightsabers that these protectors of the Republic used. Instead of the typical kyber crystal, they powered their sabers with a dark crystal. You could only find these dark crystals on Dahgee. Using them often resulted in curved or jagged ‘blades.’  

Jedi Order
The Daghee seldom ventured back to Coruscant.

Typically, they wore black robes with white strips to signify their loyalty to the republic.  A loyalty that eventually lead to their extinction.

The entirety of the tionsDahgee Jedi elected to not have children and remove their sect from the Jedi Order over time.  The unique lightsabers and crystals that created them however remain in the archives. This Hashtagger can’t wait to search for them this November in Jedi: Fallen Order.