What Does All This Mean? (SPOILERS S8)

It remains safe to say that while three wolves shared different fates than their masters, the internal Stark shared the same fate as the wolves, making the final tally 5/6.

Note Jon remains unmentioned. He was the last Stark to have a wolf. He repeatedly showed off his Stark-like thinking as he always does the most honorable and noble of actions. The very thinking that killed Ned Stark.This line of thinking has also cost Jon dearly at time, including his life.

Now we come S8: ep 4. As certain characters appear to ride off into the sunset and leave our story, Jon tells Tormund to take Ghost with him. Jon and Ghost are now separated. What does this tell us for the last 2 episodes of this season? The previous wolves tell us this is where Jon no longer thinks like a Stark, where he walks away from the Stark thinking.

Is this the signal we have been waiting for – King Aegon Targaryen, ruler of the 7 kingdoms? We shall see….

Game Of Thrones S8:E4 Review

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