Stark Dire Wolf Scorecard

So far that leaves the score 2-3. Two wolves did indeed foreshadow their masters’ fates, but then we have three that go against this trend. Is there really a trend? The numbers would say no, but I actually believe there is.

The Beginning of Many Endings

Of the three Stark children’s wolves that did not share their master’s fate, what if they really did but in a different form. Who is to say there is only one type of ending? In Star Wars are we not told “He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader.” This suggests a person can become someone else from who they used to be.

Stark children: Arya encounters Nymeria

Let’s start with Arya and Nymeria as both are currently alive. Arya drove Nymeria off into the wilds so she could survive Cersei’s wrath for mauling Joffrey. In Season 7, Episode 2 Arya finds herself surrounded by wolves only to find out Nymeria leader. Arya begs Nymeria to come home, but she turns and walks away along with her pack.

How is this not the story of Arya Stark, The Girl With No Name? When Arya drives Nymeria off into the wild, Arya begins her path that will take her away from her family to survive, grow and change. Arya may be heading back to Winterfell at this point, but she is not a Stark. She loves her family, but as we see at the end of Season 8, Episode 4, she is not a lady and will never truly belong at Winterfell. She has her own path, just like Nymeria.

Secondly, we have Sansa. The loss of lady is her initiation into the realm of politics and scandal. Soon after she suffered at the hands of Joffrey and later Ramsey. Cersei and Peter Balish became her greatest influences and teachers. While she now holds a position of power in the North, you can’t help but see those eyes moving from one person to the other. The brain is firing off plots and schemes faster than Little finger ever could. Her mind no longer thinks like a Stark.

Finally, we have Brandon. Summer died protecting him in the cave as the wights attacked. At this point Bran no longer possesses the mind of a Stark, but that of the Three-eyed Raven.