Last week was nerve wracking, brain frying action. We knew this week would have less action because we needed exposition and set up for the great war next week, but this episode did nothing short of winding us up again for next week. We still had some deaths, but so many balls were set in motion its like watching an opening break in a game of pool.

Mourning the Lost

It was cool HBO released those pictures for this week’s episode, but who knew most of them would be from the first two minutes of the episode. I love how this scene was laid out. Instead of a big pile of bodies, the dead were laid out on pyres, and there were many!

What I thought was so touching is that each of the major dead had a major character to mourn them and light their pyre. Of course Dani lit Jorah’s, but Sam lites Dolorous Edd, Commander of the Night’s Watch, Arya had a very touching look as she gazed over Beric, and saddest of all was Jon walking up to Lyanna’s pyre. I loved how they let the smoke choke out the frame.

One side note I noticed right away – GHOST! He survived the charge into the Wights, but he paid the price. He lost an ear and had a nasty gash on his side, but he lived. Of course later in the episode, Jon sends Ghost away with Tormund, so Ghost looks to have been retired form the show – WITHOUT A HUG – JON!

Relax, Recover, and DRINK!

Then we jump into the revelry after the burnings. There was so much going on during this scene – funny, sad, depressing, scary. The time spent here was well directed.

Tormund steals every scene he is in. Whether it involves Jon or Brienne and Jamie. He goes from hilarious to hurt little puppy when Brienne chooses Jamie. It is fitting that Tormund walks off into the tundra with Ghost. We also see Sam and Gilly depart for places unknown. I would assume they are heading home to Their time is over.