That’s right Game of Thrones fans! We are starting our last four episodes of the series, and if we thought people died before – I don’t think we have seen anything yet. The war is here, and in the end we shall finally know who, if anyone, is left to sit the Iron throne.

While the first two episodes have been slow and largely event-less (minus a certain sex scene), it has served a purpose. It has brought our whole cast together and shown us what they all do while waiting for the war-to-end-all-wars. Some Loyalties may still be shaky, but friends comforted friends. Family comforted family.

Episode 3 brings us the Battle of Winterfell. Creators and actors alike have said this will be like nothing we have seen before in size, scope or importance. This will dwarf The Blackwater as well as the Battle of the Bastards. Blood will be spilled, and those who die will likely rise again for the Night King.

Game Time!!

Game of Thrones Bingo

So here is what we can do! Its Bingo time!! That’s right. What better way to end the last four episodes than by playing Death Card Bingo. Make your usual Bingo card (5×5 with the center being a free space). Choose names of major characters (randomly – either by die roll or draw pieces of paper). I have provided a list below. (I keep thinking of more names to add, so if i missed one just add it to your group.) Every time a major character dies, block out that square.

You can play the first one to bingo wins, see who gets the most, or play blackout – first person to have their whole card die – WINS! For an extra challenge once your card is filled out, everyone choose a single name from your card and circle it. That is the person you think will sit the Iron Throne at the end of Episode 6. Happy dying everyone!!


Safety Reminder: It is HIGHLY recommended you either mark your cards AFTER each show is over or during your second viewing. This should avoid any accidental pen throwing/stabbing of self/others, or page ripping when THAT person dies. Ripped cards are void unless the Night King wins.

Here Are 34 Names To Use:

Arya      Jon snow            Sansa    Podrick          Brienne        Tormund Beric (flame sword dude)          Tyrion   Sam       Gilly                     Danerius             Varis Drogon Rhaegal              Davos      Melisandre        Greyworm          Misande Cersei                  Knight king        Viserion             The hound         The Mountain  Nimeria              Euron Grayjoy   Yarra      Jorah    Lyana Mormont            Gendry Brandon Theon Jamie Bron