Game of Thrones Season 8 premiered this past Sunday to record numbers. On the same day, Star Wars Celebration began to wind down in Chicago. Over the past few months there have been many parallels between the two franchises. First and obviously, is the fact that GoT showrunners Benioff and Weiss are producing their own Star Wars trilogy beginning this Fall. Likely joining them in the galaxy far, far away is GoT star Liam Cunningham. But there is another comparison to be made. Is Rey the Jon Snow of Star Wars?

Rey Jon Snow
Jon Snow learns his true identity in the Game of Thrones Season 8 premier. (Image: HBO)

For the first time in eight seasons, Jon Snow finally learned his true identity. He was no Stark bastard; he was Aegon Targaryen, rightful heir to the iron throne. Those that loved him concealed from him his true identity in order to protect him. Consequently he spent all his life wondering about his true heritage. Jon Snow was hurt, angered and confused when he finally learned the truth. Rey appears to be on course to experience the same in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Comparing Rey and Jon Snow

Both Rey and Jon Snow were removed from their parents at the beginnings of their stories. In Jon’s case, Ned Stark hid the child’s identity to protect him from sure death at the hands of the king. I still believe that Rey’s story is similar. Granted my theory that her mother is Mara Jade, and that Mara hid the child on Jakku to protect her from Snoke and the First Order, may never prove true. However, Rey being left to Unkar Plutt’s care for her protection may not be so far-fetched.

Rey's Parents; Rey Jon Snow
Rey sees her parents fly away in a Force vision in ‘The Force Awakens’. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Recent examination of the Rise of Skywalker trailer suggests that the very ship used to leave Rey on Jakku may have reappeared. Likewise, even director JJ Abrams himself confirmed that there is “more to the story” when it comes to Rey. Will she, like Jon Snow, learn her true identity in the final chapter of their respective franchises?

Other Parallels

Other parallels ring true for the characters, as well. Each trains in the ways of an ancient order (Knight’s Watch/Jedi Order). And each seems to have a former adversary turn ally (Daenerys Targaryen and, if the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer is any indication, Kylo Ren). Further, each franchise seems to once again be building to a conflict between those allies, too.

Rise of Skywalker; Rey Jon Snow
Rey (Daisy Ridley) in STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

How will Daenerys react upon learning that Jon is, in fact, the true heir to the throne, and not her? Will Kylo Ren react differently if Rey does end up being the Skywalker to rise in Episode IX? Time will tell. We’ll learn the fate of both characters by the year’s end. It’s going to be a fun eight months watching each of their stories develop.

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights at 9:00 on HBO. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20.