Aquaman’s James Wan has been keeping a lot of his interpretation of the
Swamp Thing deep in the dark, but today, the titular creature has arisen!

Check Swampy out!!!

Swamp- check.

Bubbling water- check.

Eerie atmosphere that tells us nothing about the show at large-check.

Crazily comic-accurate interpretation of Swamp Thing character- triple-check!!!!

Swamp Thing

Man, take a look at what an fantastic job these guys did of bringing Len Wein and  Bernie Wrightson’s 1971 comic creation to life. That’s some Detective Pikachu level digital translation right there!!!!

Trouble Ahead for Swamp Thing?

Too bad this might all be for nothing. We learned that the studio cut production short this week before filming was complete. Not only that, but The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the studio chopped the original 13-episode order for the series to a mere 10, citing creative differences.  That’s a hard kick to the face and a punch to the groin to happen in the same week!

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” writer Mark Verheiden and IT co-writer Gary Dauberman, are (were?) writing the series. Thus far they had been marketing the Swamp Thing story line as horror series. That delighted fans of the comic.

Sadly, WECT News, a local North Carolina outlet, broke the news that production was shutting down early. We got confirmation of that sad fact when Virginia Madsen (who was to star in the series) posted, “I’m beyond sad. What a terrible decision. We have been cut to the core by those who have never set foot into the Swamp.” to Instagram.


The DC streaming service has been met with mixed results from the mediocre, muddled Titans show to the unhinged and glorious Doom Patrol. The future of the show, hell the streaming service as a whole is in question now.

Swamp Thing was set to begin sloshing around in the DC Universe on May 31st…. if the streaming service is still around.