Star Wars Celebration has barely been underway and we’ve already had some noteworthy headlines. Topping the list of big reveals is a possible title leak for Star Wars: Episode IX. (We should get the *official* title, and hopefully a trailer, at the Episode IX panel later this morning.) Additonally, We also learned that fan-favorite actor Alan Tudyk is definitely returning to his K-2SO role in the upcoming Cassian Andor series. Further, with that news, we finally got some much-desired details about Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. Now, at last, we have some first images from The Mandalorian.

Disney President Bob Iger took to Twitter yesterday to deliver news of Disney+. An added bonus to the tweet was our first glimpse at the official logo for The Manadalorian:

The series, the first ever live-action series in Star Wars, will premier November 12 in conjunction with Disney+’s launch. Starring Game of Throne’s Pedro Pascal in the title role, The Mandalorian will follow a “lone gunslinger” on his adventures in the Outer Rim. On Day 1 of Star Wars Celebration, we also got to see how he may be getting around.

Speeder Bike from The Mandalorian on Display at Celebration

The Mandalorian
Speeder bike featured in The Mandalorian. (Image: ScreenRant)
Image: ScreenRant

Courtesy of ScreenRant, we can present you these photos of a speeder bike featured in The Mandalorian. The description accompanying the screen-used prop is as follows:

On the rugged frontier worlds of the galaxy, vehicles like speeder bikes endure harsh elements and are overworked with little down-time for maintenance. This Mobquet Zephyr-J model has had most of its unneeded bells and whistles stripped off to be functional above all else.”

The Mandalorian
Image: Screen Rant

There will be a panel featuring The Mandalorian on Sunday. We expect show producer Jon Favreau and pilot director Dave Filoni to deliver even more images, and hopefully some footage, at the panel.

Stay tuned here to That Hashtag Show through the weekend for all your Star Wars Celebration news!

Source: ScreenRant