Remember when L3-37 died in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Lando uploaded her consciousness into the Millennium Falcon? For all eternity? With no way out save for the complete destruction of the Millennium Falcon? Yeah, it’s starting to sound like a fate worse than death for our droid revolutionary now, isn’t it? Only, that may not be entirely the case here.

L3-37 reassuring Lando that she's not stuck in a fate worse than death.
Don’t worry! I’m sharing my cell!

According to an excerpt from Fantha Tracks from a short story called “Faith in an Old Friend” by Britanny N. Williams, which is itself from the Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back book, L3-37 isn’t alone in the Millennium Falcon‘s computers. There are actually two other droid consciousnesses in there with her. All three of them are apparently supposed to work together in tandem to ensure the safety of the Falcon and her crew.

So at the very least, L3-37 isn’t in solitary confinement, and she has something to do in there. Perhaps trying to convince the other two personalities to start a droid rebellion would occupy her time? Although from the looks of it, she’s already managed to convince her self-named Millennium Collective to start their own little rebellion in the form of their new identities.

Droids of the Galaxy, Unite!

L3-37 back when she was a physical revolutionary.
Do you hear the machines sing, singing the song of angry droids?

That little excerpt seems to show L3-37 getting along handsomely with her new cellmates. Although, there are definitely moments where she misses her old body. You know, back when she had a more mobile body than a starship? Although to be fair, the Millennium Falcon is fairly mobile all on her own.

With her hyperdrive and fast sublight engines, the Millennium Falcon could technically go much faster than L3-37’s old body could ever go. The only deficiency here is that L3-37 can now no longer talk to people and other droids freely, and appears to only be able to communicate when a droid plugs into the Falcon‘s computer. I’d imagine with the addition of a speaker and microphone to the computer though, this problem could be easily corrected. Remote controlled arms inside the ship and out could also give L3-37 more freedom to do what she wants. If you know, someone thinks to ask L3-37 for her opinion on the matter, which seems rather unlikely at the moment.

Still, L3-37 seems to be fairly happy in the Millennium Falcon with the other two droid minds, especially since she was the one who convinced them to get personalities in the first place. And they’re all in agreement that C-3PO is annoying, so that was a nice bonding moment there. Maybe once a certain someone (*cough* Lando *cough*) can just remember that L3-37 is onboard and actually speak with her once in a while, it’d be a better experience for her.


L3-37 is stuck in the Millennium Falcon‘s computers for the foreseeable future. However, she’s not alone in there, so that’s nice. Her personality appears to be intact too, so there’s hope for her yet. Let’s see if this story stays in book form, or if Disney eventually picks up this idea and runs with it. You know, for a movie version. Possibly a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, or at least a spinoff? Well, one can hope.

Source: Fantha Tracks