Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening very soon! The new Star Wars area certainly has lots of new and incredible experiences coming to it. But one major thing about this new area, however, is going to be the crowd size when it first opens.

Galaxy's Edge
Artist’s rendering of one of the shops at Galaxy’s Edge. (Image: Disney)

Attractions Magazine wrote a pretty interesting piece about the Galaxy’s Edge crowd size. It’s worth mentioning that, at least when it first opens, it will be incredibly crowded. This new land will be bringing both new and old Star Wars fans into an new area that has not yet been explored in the Star Wars films or TV series.

A great example of potential crowd size is Universal Studio’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. When Hogsmeade first opened, the crowd size was massive. But it did end up dying down about five months after it opened. Likewise, when Diagon Alley opened later on, the crowd for that opening was shoulder-to-shoulder. About four months into it being open, the crowds weren’t as crazy; they were by that point manageable.

One other great example is what happened when the Pandora expansion opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. That was intensely crowded on opening day. It’s now been two years since it opened, and it is still pretty crowded, but at least it’s not wall-to-wall people crowded.

Galaxy’s Edge Opening Crowds – What to Expect

Galaxy's Edge
Is this more realistic? (Image credit unknown)

From what this article is saying, the new area might follow those examples. It’s not expected to be as crowded four-to-five months after it first opens. This will most likely be due to the fact that we don’t know yet when Rise Of The Resistance will be opening. We know from the Shareholders Meeting that the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction is going to be a part of the initial land opening.

Image: Disney

Once Smuggler’s Run opens, it could be a while before we learn the official time frame for Rise Of The Resistance’s opening. Once both rides are open and operating, however, and the park running smoothly, things should die down. That means there could be a chance that this new area won’t be crowded like opening day. There will still be a crowd, granted. It is Star Wars, after all.

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