Details for the new rides coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge have been very secretive and quiet. But thanks to the Target Exclusive Blu-Ray for “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” we have some new details about at least one of the rides.

And thanks to Laughing Place, we know what the fans can expect for the ride. The Featurette titled “Millennium Falcon: From Page to Park,” talks about the details for the ride.

First in-ride image of the new Millennium Falcon ride at Galaxy’s Edge. (Image: Disney)

The creative director for the ride, Asa Kalama, shared in the featurette some new details for the fans about the ride: “You’re truly in control of the fastest and most iconic ship in the entire galaxy. And Hondo, he’s gone ahead and added a couple extra seats so he can get as many of those flight crews through as possible. There are 200 some odd buttons, knobs, and switches on the inside of the cockpit and they all do stuff. If you’re the gunners in the center there and you don’t fire back on those TIE Fighters fast enough they’re going to riddle the hull with laser bolts. The engineers in back, it’s really up to them to keep the whole Falcon in working order so they’re back there furiously working away at their various systems.”

This news is pretty exciting to hear, just because we now have some concrete information about the ride. Before this, all we knew is that a Millenium Falcon ride was being made for Galaxy’s Edge, but we didn’t know what to expect. Now, we at least have an idea.

Hondo Takes over the Millennium Falcon

Now, Hondo being apart of this is something amazing. He is one of the most prominent hunters who was in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, so for him to be apart of this ride is pretty cool.

And speaking of Hondo being an important character to the ride, Scott Trowbridge, the Creative Executive for the ride, mentioned that,”If you bring back all the loot and there’s not a scratch on the ship and Hondo is really happy when you bring it back, you might find yourself with some extra-Galactic Credits in your account, but do a poor job, you lose the cargo, you smash up the ship, you might come back owing more money than you started with, the bossman might not be too happy and when you roll across to the local cantina the bartender might lean over and say ‘Hey, word on the street is your name’s been put on the list of a local bounty hunter, I’d watch out if I were you,’ so how well you do on this mission really does have an impact on your overall, land-wide story.”

So knowing that this ride will affect your land-wide story, along with knowing that as soon as you walk into the land and the first action you do determines whether your a Rebel or Imperial is pretty cool. And I’m so excited for Galaxy’s Edge to open in 2019, and to also experience what the land is going to be like.