Get ready for your next favorite show of the summer. Seriously, #1 on my list is still The Summer I Turned Pretty, but Hulu’s Maggie is a close second. Created by the team behind Life in Pieces, Samantha Who?, and Better Off Ted (Justin Adler, and Maggie Mull) comes a hilarious comedy that asks the question, how do you live life when you can see the future?

That’s right. Maggie follows a woman named Maggie who is a psychic and just trying to figure out life while also accepting her abilities. She can see everyone’s future, including herself which causes a lot of turmoil, loneliness, and hilarious scenarios.


In this hilarious and charming new rom-com series Rebecca Rittenhouse (The Mindy Project) plays the title role. Nichole Sakura (Superstore) plays her best friend, Louise. I am a sucker for a great story with fantastic female friendship. The bond between these two women is strong enough to make it through any small bickering, and for them to always support each other. 

Maggie’s parents are played by comedy icons Kerri Kenney and Chris Elliot. They add such a unique level of comedy to the series. The pair add a level of levity, while also having weird groundedness in the ridiculous. 

No rom-com could be successful without a fantastic possible love interest, and an issue to overcome. This is where Ben (David Del Rio) comes in. In the first episode, Maggie sees herself in a vision with Ben. They’re in a relationship, possibly married with a baby? Then, something happens and the woman at the end is no longer her – it’s Jessie (Chloe Bridges) who we meet as they move into the same duplex as Maggie! WHAT?! I know! This move leads the cast of characters to form real bonds and friendships causing the stakes to always be at an all-time high. 

Rounding out the cast are Angelique Cabral (Undone) as Ben’s sister Amy and her boyfriend, Dave (Leonard Nam). The pair are so ridiculous and fun and add a fun storyline and relationship when the Maggie/Ben thing gets to be too much.


Maggie is my latest obsession! I love that it follows the typical rom-com formula while always consistently breaking the rules. The cast has so much chemistry you can feel it through the screen. The writing is smart and keeps you on your toes.

That being said, the series is 13 20-ish minutes episodes that do begin to lose momentum in the middle. However, the stakes and pace pick right back up towards the final few episodes giving us a fantastic cliffhanger! Seriously, I need a season 2 stat!

Maggie drops all 13 episodes on Hulu Wednesday, July 6th, 2022!