With its popularity beginning in 1977, Star Wars has become one of the most iconic franchises ever created. Starting with A New Hope the original Star Wars trilogy grew to a popularity that no one could ever imagine. With die-hard fans all over the world Star Wars became more then just the movies. Today you can find almost anything with the Star Wars logo on it. T.V. Shows, comics, novels and even underwear. But the area that has been the most popular with fans are the Star Wars toys and memorabilia.

Some of the older Star Wars toys are worth quite a bit of money. If you were like me and grew up with the movies you might have a bunch of these older toys an could be sitting on a gold mine. Now before you go running to the local toy shop make sure you do some research before you go trying to see all your toys. Ill try to help with some of that by showing the top 10 most valuable Star Wars toys made.

Number 10: Boba Fett Droids Action figure (1985)

The 1985 Kenner Droids Boba Fett action figure can fetch you up to $6,000. Of course, that is if the 3.75-inch figure is still in its original packaging and in mint condition. The package has the image of Boba Fett the way he appeared in the 1985 cartoon series Star Wars: Droids. It also includes a collector’s coin that came with it attached above the figure. The Droids coin, which is gold differed from the Power of the Force figure line release coins that were silver. The coin has this text: The most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy, BOBA FETT tracks HAN SOLO and returns him to JABBA THE HUTT for bounty.

Boba Fett Star Wars Droids

Number 9: Death Squad Commander (1978)

Most people know it now as the Star Destroyer Commander. After being released with the first run of Star Wars figures, Kenner decided to change the name to something not as morbid and more appealing to parents. One of these in its original Death Squad packaging you could get up to $6,500.

Death Squad Commander Star Wars

Number 8 The Early Bird Certificate package

If you grew up with the movies or are a serious collector you know what this is. When the deal was made with Kenner in 1977 there was not enough time to have the toys ready for Christmas. So not to disappoint the children and miss out on sales Kenner came up with the idea to sell the package display and send out the first four Star Wars action figures after the first of the year. Did it work? Yes, it did Kenner sold thousands of these empty boxes and was able to make Star Wars fans happy. If you still have one of these today complete and in great shape you could get up to $9,000.

Early Bird Certificate package

Number 7: Special Action Figure Set Villains (1978)

This three-pack released by Kenner included a Stormtrooper, Death Squad Commander and everyone’s favorite villain Darth Vader. What kid could not wait to get this pack and tear it open to defeat the Rebel Scum? Because of the popularity of these figures, to find one of these iconic packs in pristine condition is very rare. But, if you are one of the lucky ones that have one it could fetch you up to $10,000.

Special Action Figure Set Villains