Lucasfilm director, Dave Filoni, originally designed the Clone Wars Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, a brand new color lightsaber. However, George Lucas himself, put his foot down and said definitively “NO.”

The Lightsaber Color Ahsoka Tano Was NOT ALLOWED To Have

Filoni designed Ahsoka to wield a yellow lightsaber as her second shoto-lightsaber. However, it was changed per George Lucas’s instructions. No developed characters can have a yellow blade. The dynamic duo eventually came up with a solution that would work, but this leaves us wondering…


“What exactly are the true definitions behind the various colors George Lucas originally intended?”

Once again, the team over at The Stupendous Wave have come across some very interesting information. Here is what they put together on this Star Wars topic.

From The Stupendous Wave

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