Oscar Isaac has certainly been vocal lately. First he raised eyebrows with his declaration that Star Wars: Episode IX would “blow fans away“. The he rather emphatically confirmed that Episode IX would indeed be the definitive end to the Skywalker saga in Star Wars. His latest declaration, however, is a bit more interesting. Now Isaac is claiming credit for Pedro Pascal taking the lead of The Mandalorian.

Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal appear together in Triple Frontier. (Image: Netflix)

Isaac and Pascal appeared together in a humorous interview for Wired on Tuesday. The two were promoting their new Netflix film Triple Frontier, and did so by answering “the Web’s Most Searched Questions” about the two actors. When the question of “is Pedro Pascal the Mandalorian” came up, Pascal confirmed that yes, he is playing the titular character. Isaac quickly chimed in “you’re welcome. I convinced him to do it.” You can watch the whole interview here:

Oscar Isaac Claims Credit for The Mandalorian Casting

We learned some time ago that Pedro Pascal would be donning a Mandalorian mask for Jon Favreau’s live action Star Wars series. Whether or not Isaac did in fact convince his Triple Frontier co-star to take the role is likely a secret that will remain between them. If Isaac did actually persuade Pascal to take the role, however, we should thank him. Pascal wowed audiences with his turn as Prince Oberyn in Game of Thrones. He’s sure to lend the same charisma and gravitas to the first ever live action Star Wars series when it debuts on Disney+ later this year.

Star Wars Series the Mandalorian

Details are scare when it comes to The Mandalorian. Aside from rumors about the plot and confirmation of a cast that includes Gina Carano and Carl Weathers, we still know very little. We expect to get some first footage (and hopefully a panel) at next month’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. Until then, I guess we should just give Oscar Isaac props for nudging Pedro Pascal into The Mandalorian role.