Chalk Up Another Actor

Another day, another leaked actor/actress.  The Wrap is reporting that actress Gina Carano has signed on for an undisclosed role for the Disney+ streaming show, The Mandalorian.  It would be nice if they actually released a casting list for this show already, but I guess we will jump on whatever crumbs we get.

Gina Carano is actually a fantastic addition to this cast.  Her name is not well known as her acting career is still fairly young, but her resume impresses easily.  While her role has yet to be announced, I think it safe to say she will be recurring and front and center in the show.  First off, she becomes the first woman attached to the new show, and one does not cast a woman with Gina’s fighting pedigree to put her in the shadows…..well, unless she is jumping out of the shadows to kick some ass.

Gina’s Origins

Gina jumped to stardom back in the late 2000’s with her abilities in the ring and octagon.  Gina’s success made her so hot, she became the face of Women’s MMA as she compiled a 12-1-1 record in Muay Thai and 7-1 record in the MMA.  Her fight vs Cyborg not only headlined the first female main fight in MMA history, but also became the highest rated fight in Showtime history.

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For those who do not follow MMA, her acting career remains young, but her presence has been felt in films like Haywire, Fast and Furious 6, Heist and Deadpool.  That’s right.  She was the big Russian chick that kicked Colossus around like a piece of tin foil.  Her fight with Gina Rodriguez in Fast 6 was quite impressive as well.

Gina is a major action star on the rise and look for her addition to  The Mandalorian to only add to her stock.  The acting continues to develop, but it is no different than when stars like John Cena, The Rock and Dave Bautista started out.  The difference is where they offered familiarity and muscles, look for Gina to offer up some of the most kick ass fight choreography to have ever be seen.  This girl can move!  She will have some fights to remember.

Her casting along side Pedro Pascal and Carl Weathers leads me to believe this show is going to look like a show written by the Melisandre from Game of Thrones – “The show is dark and full of terror.”  Look for a dark, gritty tone with a fair amount of fighting and blasting.