The Luke Skywalker Story Arc

Star Wars: Episode VIII
Luke Skywalker laments and reminisces aboard the Millennium Falcon.
(Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Now, admittedly, I did not care for the character’s treatment. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the character’s story. All in all I had no issue with Luke’s story arc. A forlorn Jedi in exile, needed once more, reluctantly trains an eager apprentice. With her training cut short, Luke Skywalker must make the ultimate sacrifice, as did Ob-Wan Kenobi, to help assure that the Rebellion/Resistance lives on. In the end Luke followed the teachings of both his mentors in Obi-Wan and Yoda. He found his way back to the Force and the ways of the Jedi. Would I have changed a few things about the character himself? Yes. Would I have changed his story arc in Star Wars: Episode VIII? I really don’t think so.