Greetings Fanatics, and welcome to JJ’s Fan Feature. So, Star Wars fans are nothing if not passionate. We writers here at That Hashtag Show are fans too, and just as passionate. Our goal is to channel that passion into our writing. An unfortunate side effect of doing so is that sometimes we let our own, personal feelings seep into certain works when we should remain objective. Star Wars Fanatics member Dave Thompson recently reminded me of that.  He noted that, despite my stated goal of setting personal feelings aside with my latest Rian Johnson piece, I nevertheless let my bias against The Last Jedi permeate the article. In hindsight, Dave wasn’t wrong; I’ll own that. Therefore, I offer this for this week’s Fan Feature: The top five things I liked/enjoyed about Star Wars: Episode VIII.

The Opening Bombing Sequence of Star Wars: Episode VIII

Star Wars: Episode VIII
Po Dameron tees things up for the opening battle sequence of The Last Jedi.

While others have criticized the science of the sequence, I nonetheless enjoyed it thoroughly. Being a Word War II aviation buff as I am, I loved the obvious nod to the heavy bombers of the war’s European Theater. The scene was visually stunning, and packed full of drama. Ultimately Poe’s insubordination did matter; had the dreadnaught still been functional, it likely would have decimated the fleeing Resistance fleet long before they could launch escape pods to Crait. And besides, who doesn’t love a space battle?