Disney is apparently pulling out all the stops when it comes to Star Wars programming for its new streaming platform, Disney+. We of course already know about The Mandalorian. That wrapped production last week and is set to premier sometime this fall. Disney and Lucasfilm have also confirmed a live-action Rogue One spin-off centered on Rebel spy Cassian Andor. That begins production this October. Reports now say the studios are considering a Princess Leia series as well.

HN Entertainment claims to have gotten an exclusive look at a list of the potential Star Wars shows under consideration for Disney+. Among them? A series focusing on a “young” Princess Leia. That begs a couple of questions. How young is “young”, and would the Princess Leia series be live-action or animated?

Princess Leia Series to Focus on “Young” Leia

A series focused solely on a “young” princess Leia would be a tough undertaking. Let’s not forget; Leia was only about 18 years old when she first declared Obi-Wan Kenobi to be her only hope in the original Star Wars. Further, Disney learned a hard lesson in casting a younger Han Solo for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Doing the same for Leia Organa in a dedicated Princess Leia series could be equally challenging.

Princess Leia Series
Actress Ingvild Deila portrays Leia in motion capture for Rogue One.
(Image: Disney Lucasfilm)

If a “young” Leia means someone around the age she was in A New Hope, they could potentially cast Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila (pictured above). She portrayed Leia via motion capture for the CGI effects of Rogue One and is thus familiar with the character and her mannerisms. (Plus, her surname contains an anagram of “Leia”.) Admittedly though, the young-looking actress could still be a little old for a “young” Princess Leia series.

How Young is Young Leia?

Princess Leia Series
Mille Bobby Brown cosplays Leia for Halloween. (Image credit unknown)

Speculation as to who could portray a young Leia then turns towards Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. (The actress has already shown her rebel side by cosplaying Leia for Halloween.) A potential story-line could coincide with Claudia Gray’s book Leia: Princess of Alderaan. Likewise, it could follow Leia’s exploits around the time of Star Wars Rebels. If the show was not live-action, however, voice actress Carolyn Hennesy, currently playing General Organa in Star Wars Resistance, is the obvious choice for an animated Princess Leia series.

A young Leia as she appears in Star Wars Rebels. (Image: Disney)

Time will tell if a Princess Leia series comes to fruition, and if it’s even in consideration at all. Consider this: Despite claiming to have the list of series in consideration, the HN article does not list the Poe/Finn series or the Lando/Qi’ra series we told you about previously. (Although it does mention Darth Bane, which we understand could be under consideration.)

Nevertheless, Disney+ is shaping up to have treasure trove of Star Wars content, including this potential Princess Leia series. Stay tuned here for more information on what’s to come!

Source: HN Entertainment