(BEST) Etsy

From cosplay to re-edits, Star Wars fans are known for their creative talents, and Etsy lets those gifts shine.  Wall art and Silhouettes are a classy way to show you care. A personalized Star Wars… well, anything… can take things to the next level.  Homemade jewelry and some clever writing for your own Sith or Jedi can make their day that much better without breaking the bank.

(Worst) Also Etsy 

No this is not a typo, From Yarn dolls to fan films, Star Wars fans will go to great lengths for their passion and Etsy lets even the weirdest stuff have a home. Nothing can ruin the evening like a melted plastic art sculpture of Lando or a Darth Vader Yarmulke. The confusion of an amalgam Luke/Michael Jackson might tip the scales in the wrong direction. Etsy offers custom products but make sure your getting something custom and quality.