What’s Red Notice?   

In Red Notice, FBI agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) must team up with the world’s greatest con- man (Ryan Reynolds), to stop and catch the greatest art thief in the world, played by Gal Gadot.  

Mark’s Art Heist Rushmore! 

Ocean’s Eleven (2001), The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), Lupin (2021 TV Series), and Hudson Hawk. 

The Big 3 Cast 

The beautiful and talented Gal Gadot shows that she can do it all. She’s masterful while creating laughs and delivering the action. Dwayne Johnson once again shows that you can partner him up with anyone and it is buddy team greatness. Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice. And, as always, there’s nothing wrong with that. For me, Reynolds creates most of the laughs and is the stand-out of the big three. All together, these three have great chemistry and make every scene together great stuff! 

The Short

Red Notice is a basic storyline that is made way better by the three talented leads. Overall, a fun, action flick with good laughs. Perfect for Netflix.  

The Long

If you go into Red Notice looking for a fun action-comedy heist movie you’ll be just fine. Right from the start, the film doesn’t waste any time and puts you right into action. I think this is great because I don’t think this genre of film needs a long build-up. And the character development can happen on the fly as the film goes on. I also really enjoyed how Red Notice very wisely introduces Gadot, Johnson, and Reynolds to each other very early on. So many films make the mistake of not utilizing their big stars together, and it takes away so much goodness. These three are great together and luckily the film leaves it wide open for a sequel. I would love to watch them all together again. 

The Issues

My main issue with Red Notice isn’t the basic storyline, but the pacing. The film is almost two hours and at times drags. I get that you want to use your three main leads as much and evenly as possible. Which I also appreciate. But not when it negatively impacts the pacing of the film. 

While I enjoyed the movie, and the 3 huge, blockbuster stars, it isn’t a theater-quality film. Without Gadot, Johnson, and Reynolds, the film wouldn’t have been anything special and definitely would have gotten lost in the Netflix void.

Laugh Meter  

You have three actors that know how to make people laugh, but how much do we laugh at this one? There is no shortage of laughs with this one. I had several good, laugh-out-loud moments.

Product Placement Cameo

With Marvel movies, we look for Stan Lee. With Ryan Reynolds movies we have the fun of looking for his Aviation American Gin. Fear, not fans, Red Notice continues this cameo fun.  

If You Like This Then You’ll Like Red Notice.

If you like the films Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Get Smart (2008), and Ocean’s Eleven (2001) then you’ll dig Red Notice.  

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