Searching for that special Star Wars gift to give that special someone? Look no further. Below is a list of the best, and worst, Star Wars presents you can give for Valentine’s Day. Happy romancing, Star Wars fans!

Best Star Wars Presents: Bouquets

Star Wars Presents

A bouquet of flowers is as classic as a New Hope, and a Star Wars themed bouquet is a great way to revive this tired tradition. Kick off any romantic meeting with this gift for. It’s great for any gender, being that there are as many types of bouquets as there are smugglers in the outer rim. Flowers in a lightsaber hilt holder, a gathering of toys instead of roses, or even just an R2D2 matching color scheme.  As nice as flowers are, this type of gift usually doesn’t cut it on it’s own, like the Storm 4 Cloud Car, it should be paired with a little bit more, but definitely not…

(WORST) Chocolates

Like Empire Strikes Back, somethings have stood the test of time, but unfortunately, like Ewoks, somethings you look back on and say, “what was I thinking.” Chocolates are like Ewoks. They may seem like a great idea at the time, but then end up feeling a bit cheesy or boring. I’m not denouncing sweets as unhealthy or talking about counting calories. I’m talking about quality! Themed chocolates are rarely made from top quality cocoa and if they are, it’s usually just C3P0 on the wrapper.