(BEST) Craft Beer

Showing up with a bottle of wine is so May of 1977, showing up with a Star Wars craft Beer is December of 2019. A “That’s No Blue Moon” or a “Padawan Pumpkin Ale” is a great way to chill and watch Rebels over some Bith Brewskies.

(Worst) Finger Foods

Can you cook? Are you a 4 star (wars) Chef? Are you the line cook on Food Truck with a pun for a name? Do you get paid to prepare and grill food? If you answered no to any of these, then I would steer clear from any themed snack foods. Not even attack of the Clones is worse then bad food, and if you fail at this and end up with Storm Trooper Chicken Sticks then you’ve failed harder then Solo: A Star Wars Story.