[UPDATED] Chaos Walking will finally arrive in theaters this Friday, but the film got off to a very shaky start. Despite it’s stellar, big-name cast, there was a time when some thought the film wouldn’t make it off the editing room floor. So what does this mean for its star, Daisy Ridley?

The young actress rocketed to stardom with her role as Rey, the central character to the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The twenty-eight year old actress from London has developed a loyal fan base. Fans have even devoted social media pages and groups to her Star Wars character. Now, with her Star Wars career seemingly at an end, she is fielding a barrage of questions about her new project. What she likely doesn’t want to talk about, however, is how her upcoming film Chaos Walking got its start.

Chaos Walking is the latest film in the dystopian future genre, and it stars Daisy Ridley along with Tom Holland (Avengers: Endgame; Spider-Man: Far From Home). The film focuses on a young man living on an earth-like colony planet. There, nearly all woman died due to a virus, and the men can hear one another’s thoughts. Ridley plays a surviving woman who may hold the key to survival. The problem? The film’s first cut was “unreleasable.”

Daisy Ridley film Chaos Walking mired in production woes

Chaos Walking

According to The Playlist, workers on the film reportedly claimed that the first run “turned out so poorly, it was deemed un-releasable by executives who watched initial cuts….” Blame for the film’s condition certainly doesn’t fall to Daisy Ridley or Tom Holland. Truth be told, the film’s director Doug Liman is no stranger to directing controversy. He was infamously booted from the Bourne franchise for his comically ironic “chaotic” directing style. Now it seems that’s migrated to his handling of Chaos Walking.

Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley appears in the title role of Ophelia. (Image: IFC Films)

Ridley hasn’t done much since The Rise of Skywalker other than the indie film Ophelia. She even lamented the seeming lack of work since she left Star Wars. I guess time will tell what effect Chaos Walking will have on her career.

Source: The Playlist