Independent games development studio Team Spikkee releases the retro 2D platformer Peanut on Steam today.

“Choose whether you prefer to stomp on enemies or use fireballs to defeat them”, claims Jim Awesome, CEO at Team Spikkee. “Should you kill them with fire and speed run, you won’t get any points!”

Speed run this puppy, investigate the storyline or play casually, you choose!

Peanut is a unique 8 bit-like 2D platform adventure featuring the cute yet determined adventure corgi Peanut Stumpers. Lead him through 45 levels of amazing artwork from across the world and beyond in his quest to save his beloved BAE who has been taken by the Evil Veronica Vet.

The game is more than just a 2D platformer, it’s indie storyline is more complex than a casual gamer may expect, with the game being targeted towards people that remember classic games but who have now developed intellectually to appreciate a more encompassing and immersive storyline; “The princess is in another castle trope now doesn’t suit these more discerning player, they now need to figure out why. This game gives thist without interrupting game play, with you being the detective and at your own pace and self requirement – we call it a ‘corg-noir’ combining the action of a platformer with the inquisitive storyline of any noir game” said Team Spikkeee.

“You are incharge of the game and how you play it (casual, speedrun, detective) and we hope that as time goes on that this game will give players something to talk about and discuss. If you speed run the game do you do this with or without using fireballs, and will morality be adopted through gameplay or different leader boards created by users and influence further reaching social interaction. We also hope the player plays this game creatively and entertains all three scenarios passively; play for the sake of play and not necessary achievement to get more out of it”.

“We all remember that time then you discover Mario breaks through to the top of the screen and runs along next to the score to the end of the level. A great game bemuses and entertains a player regardless of the environment or time, we hope that this game gives a similar joy through its storyline and homages. However, this only works when games are not seen as part of a constant shopping list; if we were limited to one game on an island with a few others we would always pick Peanut because of its various depths and diverse gameplay”.

Furthermore they added “People are computers in a sense, garbage in garbage out applies. If you are playing games about the undead/blood/slaughter this does not make you a bad person but it does have an impact on a person’s psyche, so why not play as a happy go lucky corgi sometimes to keep yourself happier. A bit of light in a dark world can sometimes give you a breath of fresh air.”


  • Classic yet unique 8-bit like 2D platforming.
  • Play as the cute adventure corgi Peanut.
  • Use fireballs or stomp on enemies.
  • Play causal/speed run/investigative with or without fireballs as you chose.
  • 45 levels that helps you figure out what happened to BAE.
  • Save your true love from the Evil Veronica Vet.