Power Rangers Beat Morphers is premiering in a month, and the trailer for the new season hasn’t been released yet. We know the show is set for a February release, but the date hasn’t been released yet.

At this point, the trailer should be coming out in the next few weeks. But, considering the show is still on Nickelodeon, we might be seeing the official trailer for the show a week before the first episode airs.

That’s not to say since Hasbro owns the brand now, the trailer could release sooner, but there is no guarantee that it will. The trailer could make or break the season, but it could also finally show we can get a good Power Ranger season.

As for the exact date for when the trailer could possibly release, I say anywhere from January 11th to January 18th the trailer could release. But it could release sooner or later, it all depends on when Nickelodeon decides to release it.

I really do hope we get the trailer soon, because the fans are chomping at the bit to find out when the trailer is getting released, and when the show will be premiering.