The show is on and so is Sing 2! Created by Illumination and Garth Jennings the film brings Moon’s show back to town while giving us new music, new characters, and more captivating visuals!

What is Sing 2 All About?

Sing 2 takes the viewer back to the world of the ambitious theater owner, Buster Moon, and his ensemble of talent. Moon wants his dream of having his show in a big theater to come true. When a talent agent tells him they don’t have what it takes, his determination only grows. So, he decides to head to the Crystal Tower Theater where he and the group sneak in to show to see if they have what it takes. After pitching a space show (complete with an appearance from recluse Clay Calloway) Moon must deliver or Jimmy Crystal promises to throw Buster out the top floor window.

And Critics Say….

 Alright, I’m gonna be honest. I ended up liking this movie much more than I anticipated. The film is a jukebox musical and the songs chosen are great! There are a lot of hits I know. Just like the first film, the singing is really good from the great actors we all know such as Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Halsey, and Bono. The animation looks amazing. The show the group puts together is actually a show I would love to see. I also appreciate that the characters have real human-type problems, even though they are animals. The film shows the reality of how cut-throat showbiz is and the struggle it takes to “make it”.

What I wish was better

For me, the downfall of this movie is that it’s not new. Sing 2 plays on the old idea of following your dreams and concurring your fears will automatically lead to success. In addition to that, the movie jumps right into the plot and does not take its time for us to invest into it. I understand that this movie is a sequel, but I want to be invested in the characters a bit more before jumping into the problem of it all. If it could slow down a bit in the beginning that will help it a lot.

Overall, Sing 2 is fun to watch and should definitely be something you take your kids to. They will definitely enjoy it and who knows you may too. I sure did. Sing 2 comes out in theaters on December 22nd.