Dust’s science fiction shorts are hit or miss, but rarely are they a hit AND a miss. Lucid Nation is one such hit and miss. Around ten minutes in, a trippy, imaginative montage kicks in that is a joy to watch. The story grows from there creeping at a perfect pace with heart, fun, and a lot of weirdness.  The acting is solid and the jokes are spot on. It’s obvious that everyone involved was having a great time with the project. An enjoyment that bleeds through the screen and keeps you watching and smiling. We’re left asking more questions than answers. This follows a poorly edited twist thrown in at the end of the film.

Lucid Nation Rushed Too Much

This project feels like the people behind it had some great ideas for key sections and rushed through everything else to get to “the good stuff”.  The first half could have used some serious editing and love, while the ending felt hurried and would have improved with some breathing room. The creature designs and emotional struggle of the film couldn’t save it from a poorly timed and unoriginal reveal. One is left asking why they rushed it with some choppy editing and left it without any real space to be appreciated is the real surprise.

Also, Lucid Nation as a title, does nothing for the film. Just sayin’.

The project as whole isn’t bad, but teeters on the edge of a shoulder shrug and a wry grin, which is the new average for Dust projects. I know that in this day and age quantity is king and Dust must release a steady diet of Sci-Fi shorts, but a quality control guardian (real or imaginary) would go a long way to improving their reputation and viewership.