Kamen Rider Zi-o is anniversary meant to honor the past, but with this new Kamen Rider we are moving to the future. The official twitter of Kamen Rider Zi-o revealed the new Kamen Rider Shinobi and the actor that’s playing him.

Kamen Rider Shinobi aka Hasutaro Kamikura from the year 2022. We will see his first appearance in episode 17 “Happy New Woz 2019”. With the new Rider we will also get to see his Another Rider. His first appearance is also stated to be seen in Sougo‘ a dream.

This episode will also feature the debut of Kamen Rider Woz. Kamen Rider Woz arsenal of future Kamen Rider powers include a form of Kamen Rider Shinobi. Kamen Rider Shinobi is played by Hideya Tawada known for playing Starninger from Ninninger.