What They Tell Us

In a recent interview with the Russo brothers, we learn a few tidbits that is sure to fuel a few threads and water cooler conversations. The Russo’s told us a few things we already know. They sat on the title, the trailer, and it’s safe to say they don’t want the fans to know the mood or pretty much anything about the movie. Perfect marketing. Considering this is franchise 20 movies strong (22 by the time Avengers 4 comes out), there is ample marketing just built into the inertia of having the most intricate cinematic universe ever created. Some will argue the Bond films compete but given that there have been multiple actors portraying Bond and that those films do not tend to connect (well, aside from the most recent trilogy), there really is no comparison. Whatever argument or opinion can be bantered about regarding the quality of comic book films or the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), no person can argue that it is not the most successful (fan adoration + Benjamins) film enterprise of all time. What did we learn though?

Will the Kree and/or other galactic entities grace us in Avengers 4?

The Marvel Universe Just Got Bigger

“The entire universe experienced the same fate, and has been brought together by this experience,” Anthony Russo stated. What can we infer from this comment? Please add your comments what you think about this but this seems to open up the possibilities of additional heroes from the Marvel Universe being introduced in the future. Adam Warlock? Howard the Duck? Yeah, there have been hints of their inclusion in previous films. But, why stop there? If we know anything Disney has no intention of ending the MCU anytime soon. We could see Endgame as being a new genesis for the MCU. Could that mean we are due for more intergalactic/sci-fi action akin to the Guardians of the Galaxy? Could this signal the juxtaposition of two film universes? Remember, Disney just purchased Fox Films which include our favorite mutants (Foxmen and company) and the Fantastic Four universe… which also include intergalactic characters like Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Annihilus. It seems our inner geek can just speculate indefinitely.

It’s a Long Movie

Joe Russo added, “There’s a high probability that this movie will clock in at around three hours. It’s a big movie with a lot of story.” When I think of epic films over two hours long I think of Dances With Wolves, Lord of the Rings, and Gone With the Wind. Of course, there were a lot of lengthy films that should not have taken the “long” route (cough cough… Peter Jackson’s King Kong), but considering this is the anchor for this wave of the MCU (albeit 22 films strong), it seems apropos that this story would clock longer than its predecessors. It is essential to note that we do not glaze over the “…a lot of story” portion of his comment. So many stories to tell, possible endings, possible reunions, possible tragedies… Anthony quipped he would be bringing a tissue. Will you be bringing yours? Who do you think survives? Who dies a heroic death?

Why the Winter Soldier Uniform?

4+ Months to Speculate

Obviously, we cannot know for sure much of anything. It is the Russo’s desire that we go into Avengers 4 curious and anticipating the unexpected. They did that with Avengers 3 and left us completely blown away. It is safe to say they are hoping for a similar product from Endgame. However, it will not stop us from asking poignant questions. For example, why was Cap in the trailer wearing his uniform from Winter Soldier? Contrary to the conclusion in the article, it seems safer… and more fun, to assume we may be in for some cross-time capers. Shuri was shown in the montage for the dead despite not dying at the end of Avengers 3? Also, three characters appeared to dominate the trailer: Captain America, Iron Man, and Ant-Man. Safe bet that all three figure prominently in the next film with Ant-Man’s dilemma from Ant-Man and the Wasp possibly leading to a solution for our remaining heroes. And what about Iron Man? Obviously, he’s not going to die for lack of oxygen. Who saves him? Is Nebula key to that survival? Could be Rocket Raccoon and Thor to the rescue? A lot of folks queried about Valkyrie’s absence from Avengers 3. Could she figure into this part of the plot? Or how about this fun possibility? Remember Sylvester Stallone’s branch of the Guardians of the Galaxy? Makes you wonder… Toss us some of your thoughts and opinions.

Was Shuri a casualty of Avengers 3 after all?