BOOM! Studios has introduced the newest Power Rangers team.

The Supersonic Rangers have been introduced in the Year 2 Hardcover Comics collection. And this team has the suits from the Chikyu Sentai Fiveman Sentai team, which was a Sentai series that aired in 1990. In this team’s story, they are from the planet Xybria, which is where Trip from the Time Force Rangers, calls home.

The 5 rangers on the team are:

  • Ace – Red Ranger
  • Brute – Blue Ranger
  • Gent – Black Ranger
  • Pyre – Yellow Ranger
  • Star – Pink Ranger

This also is the Green Ranger, Trek. We learned last week that he was responsible for the team dying, and that he became the Green Psycho Ranger. This team is the first pre-MMPR Ranger team to get adapted. But isn’t the first time this team has been featured in the Power Rangers lure.

These suits were featured in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, as one of the unknown Ranger teams that the Super Megaforce Rangers were able to transform into. Gia transformed into this suit, and said “Supersonic Yellow.”

Since this team has been introduced into the comics, that leaves 4 more pre-Zyu teams that BOOM! Studios can adapt, including:

  • Choushinsei Sentai Flashman – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Prism”
  • Dengeki Sentai Changeman – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Dragon Blitz”
  • Hikari Sentai Maskman – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Lightning”
  • Gosei Sentai Dairanger – Known in Power Rangers Super Megaforce as “Power Rangers Squadron”

It is currently unknown if this team will be used in future comics or toys.