Every Sunday, the popular Facebook show ‘Star Wars Fanatics‘ broadcast their late-night banter and off-color bickering to their steadily growing fanbase. With a 3 year history behind the show, the weekly livestream has quietly grown into one of the largest broadcasts online focused on the galaxy far away. With an extremely lively, fast moving, combative chat, the shows hosts offer a less “stuffy” look into the split yet passionate fandom.  


The shows hosts, Ro Sahebi and Joe Deckelmeier have become well know fixtures in the online movie press world. Interviewing A-list celebrities and hosting a variety of various shows, the duo is well informed and rehearsed with their editorial and viewpoint. 

So Fanboys… If you’re looking for a different and yes… offensive look into all things Star Wars, give the Fanatics livestream a try. Pour yourself a drink and take the lightsaber out of your backside… we’re jumping to light-speed.