Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set to open next summer at Disneyland. Admittedly, Disney has not ye revealed the opening date. Despite that, predictions estimate over 200,000 visitors and 10-hour lines when the park expansion opens.

Blooloop has mentioned that there could be 200,000 visitors, 10-hour lines, and enormous crowds. Bill Zanetti, who is a teacher at the University of Florida, said that the opening of Galaxy’s Edge could be the biggest opening for Disneyland in the park’s history.

“The number is based on what I believe is the actual interest. That’s just how many people I expect to descend on the resort on the first opening day.”

Touring Plans, which uses statistical analysis to track the number of guests at the park, is putting that 150,000 guests will be visiting the park on the opening day for Galaxy’s Edge. That seems more realistic than the predicted 200,000.

Galaxy's Edge

Artist rendering of Disney’s ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ theme park expansion.

Disneyland will have to use the MaxPass and FastPass systems to set up return times for the rides in the new land. And everyone who can afford to get the MaxPass, will use them. If people can’t afford the MaxPass, then they can get a FastPass for the rides.

Crowd Estimates for Galaxy’s Edge

Len Tesla, president of Touring Places, estimates Galaxy’s Edge can hold 13,000. That number assumes that there will be 6-hour waits for the rides in the new area. So having both the MaxPass and FastPass set up for those long waits is crucial. Even with the passes. Guests who want to ride and dine in Galaxy’s Edge could see 90 minute waits.

Luckily, Disney Parks are good with crowd control, so waiting in line will be a bit better since this new area will be compatible with the Play Disney Parks app, so you can play games while waiting in line.  The new area will be having 2 new rides- Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance- which will be bringing in a large crown.


First in-ride image of the new Millennium Falcon ride at Galaxy’s Edge.

Brooks Barnes, who is a reporter for the New York Times, had the chance to test out the Millenium Falcon ride, and said that the ride can hold 1,800 guests every hour.

The large guest number also brings up the problem of parking. Thankfully, Disney is building a new, 6,500 space parking lot to accommodate. The park will complete the new park area next year. Zanetti spoke with Blooloop about the parking issue:

“I think parking is going to be more of the problem. There might be gridlock in the resort district for I don’t know how long. Hopefully, that new parking garage will be open in time.”

Now, this isn’t the first time a new area in the Disney Parks will get a massive crowd coming to experience it on opening day. The most recent case of that was last spring when Pandora- The World Of Avatar opened up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So, Disney is already expecting to get the same amount of people for Galaxy’s Edge.

New Disney Passes to Ease Crowd Congestion

Helping to ease the congestion, Disney will be probably be offering an advanced preview to Annual Passholders and D23 members. And much like last year, they might be having a premiere event for the new area, much like the one back in June for Pixar Pier. Those tickets were priced at $299. Len Testa of Touring Plans predicts that the premiere event tickets for Galaxy’s Edge will run between $500-$1,000.

Testa also thinks that regardless of crowd size, Star Wars fans won’t be deterred away:

“They will want to get into the line that gets them into the line that gets them into Galaxy’s Edge.”

Disney hasn’t yet commented on the estimated crowd size. Nevertheless, we are expecting fans and guests to come out in droves. We here at That Hashtag Show are so excited to see the new area as well when it opens next summer at Disneyland and next fall at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World resort.