At last we get to an issue in this story where pieces start coming together and we get a sense of where these pieces are headed.  So far through this arc we have been introduced to Kobra.  Two-face has not only resurfaced, but has chosen to side with Batman and the GCPD.  Batman has repeatedly said even he does not know where all this is going.

This issue opens with Kobra attacking the Gotham Museum of Natural History.  While bullets fly and things break, Batman covers the history of Kobra.  It is interesting, but i don’t know that it added a whole lot to the terrorist group.

To me the interesting thing about this issues is Batman and Harvey.  Harvey chose to side with Batman and he even saved the GCPD.  As the fight rages throughout the museum, Harvey agrees to Batman’s terms of no killing.  That doesn’t seem very Two-Face.  In fact Two-Face and Batman fight side by side as if they were long time partners.

Harvey and Batman clean house rather effectively and efficiently.  Then we find out that Batman had teams across the city helping defeat the different armies of Kobra across the city.  Batman manages to get his hands on a Kobra headpiece and hacks into it to see what it is that they have been missing.  Of course it was all a distraction.  The real target lay elsewhere – AND in the next issue.  Oddly, Harvey is still on board with this fight.

This was a good little issue, but it didn’t really add much to the story.  Outside of Dent fighting alongside the Caped Crusader there wasn’t much to this issue.  It was by no means a bad issue.  There just wasn’t a lot of substance, just a ton of action.  Of course the most intriguing part of the issue was the title for the next one!