Astro Note Ep. 3 features quite a bit of yummy and zany hijinks for this episode. Mostly revolving a bento boxed lunch that everyone seemingly wants. Really though, who can blame them when it looks as good as it does in this episode?

Astro Note Ep. 3: Details

Astro Note NA key visual.
The “dog” is already giving you an idea of how silly this episode is.

Astro Note Ep. 3 is the third episode (you can read reviews of Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 here) of this first and probably only(?) season of this anime series. Said anime is not the anime adaptation of any manga, funnily enough. This anime is its own original work created by Shochiku (Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll) and studio Telecom Animation Film (Gargoyles (Hunter’s Moon Part 2, credited as TAF), Tower of GodShenmue the Animation).

Alas, we still don’t know who specifically is behind Astro Note Ep. 3 in particular. However, we do still know that Shinji Takamatsu is the chief director of the anime as a whole, with Haruki Kasugamori as a co-director. Kimiko Ueno is the writer for the anime. Kōhei Munemoto composed the music for the same.

Speaking of which, the opening theme music for Astro Note as a whole is “Hohoemi Note” (ホホエミノオト, “Smile Note”) by Ai Furihata. Meanwhile, “Kokoro no Kagi” (ココロのカギ, “Key to the Heart”) by Maaya Uchida and Soma Saito (the Japanese voice actress and actor of Mira and Takumi respectively) is the ending theme music.

Voice Cast

Astro Note Ep. 3 features the voices of Soma Saito as Takumi Miyasaki and Maaya Uchida as Mira Gotokuji. Other notable voice roles in this episode include Rie Kugimiya as Ren Wakabayashi, Tomokazu Sugita as Tomihiro Wakabayashi, Shin-ichiro Miki as Shokichi Yamashita, Ai Furihata as Teruko Matsubara, Junichi Suwabe as Naosuke, and Jun Fukuyama as Shoin Ginger.

When and Where to Watch

Astro Note Ep. 3 made its airing and streaming debut on April 19, 2024. You can watch this episode only on Crunchyroll. Actually, you can watch this anime period only on Crunchyroll, due to the anime being an exclusive there.

Astro Note Ep. 3: Synopsis

The “dog” has a bigger role in this chaos.

Alas, Astro Note is an ongoing anime series. In fact, Ep, 3 only just premiered a few days ago last Fridate as of this writing. Thus, you all will get the official synopsis from Crunchyroll instead of a spoiler-filled plot summary. You can check that out below:

Shoin’s appearance causes a big fuss among all the residents of Astro Lodge, except Ren, who is more worried about his field trip.

Astro Note Ep. 3: The Good

Astro Note Ep. 3 screenshot showing Mira wielding a massive cannon she pulled out of hammerspace.
When life gives you annoying birds, bring out the assault cannon.

Wow, where to even begin about what’s good about Astro Note Ep. 3? First off, let’s begin with the story. Said story of this episode is perhaps the zaniest one yet thus far. All down to the bizarre comedy, no less. The level of zany comedy honestly reminds me of a Looney Tunes episode just from the bizarre, off-kilter hilarity. Everything from high-speed flying car chases and woman-portable assault cannons firing guided missiles abound in this episode, with absolutely no regard for any potential witnesses, who undoubtedly must think that they’re either hallucinating or have had too much to drink. I think I’m in the majority here in saying that I would love more of this kind of zaniness in my romcom anime.

Of course though, the zany comedy of the story can’t possibly be complete without the equally as zany animation. As you can see above, the animation from Telecom Animation Film is top-notch in the wildest way possible. The quality is only matched by the strategically hilarious position of that animation, and how out of place it looks. I mean, seriously. That assault cannon thing looks more like it came out of a Mobile Suit Gundam anime, just sized for a human to wield instead of a giant mecha. Which is quite fitting, given that Telecom Animation Film have actually made mecha anime like Mighty Orbots (1984), or even shows that have giant robots in them like Sonic X. You can tell that they were flexing their sci-fi muscles a bit here, and the anime benefits from it just that much.

Astro Note Ep. 3: The Bad

Astro Note Ep. 3 screenshot showing feeling the wind on his face too much during a high-speed car chase.
Do you suppose he’s going too fast right now?

Honestly, my only complaint about Astro Note Ep. 3 is that same zany plot I was just praising. Just…I thought Mira and Shoin were supposed to keep a low profile. How is a flying car and a woman-portable artillery gun keeping a low profile? That seems like the very opposite of keeping a low profile. Did no bystander take photos of that? Did everyone think they were losing their minds, or were drunk as sailors? What about traffic cameras? Did no one check the footage? Honestly, as much as I loved the zany comedy, it does make me think about those events in a plot hole-y kind of way. Maybe they will explain it in a future episode of this anime. Hopefully.