The entire premise behind What If…? is fascinating. It’s the ultimate comic book/MCU fan’s dream. We get to see scenarios play out that we have never seen before. The possibilities are endless in the multiverse, so the writers and crew get to play off that idea in wonderfully imaginative ways. It helps that the series also has visually striking and stunning animation. When you combine all the factors together, What If…? continues the trend from the first season of being absolutely excellent.

What If…? is an anthology series that has a different story for each episode, and that continues here with a new episode every day starting on December 22nd. The stories on display here range from stories about the 1602 Avengers, which is a particular highlight of this season, to Happy Hogan doing his best John McClane impersonation.

The really fun aspect of What If…? is the exploration of genres and themes that would normally be outside the realm of our MCU or impossible to get on film. It would be hard to get a hard-boiled noir starring Nebula that feels like Blade Runner and The Maltese Falcon had a baby. So not only do you get to see that, but you get most of the original actors filling in for their roles, getting to do different things with them.

Michael Douglas might be an old man in our MCU, but in this version on What If…? he’s part of the 80s Avengers and deals with a threat that we’ve never seen. It’s things like that, that just add to the overall enjoyment of the series as a whole. The magic of the MCU is mixing superheroes with genres that you wouldn’t think. This time around, we get Avengers by gaslight, noir, and even a new character that is so stunning, she’s the highlight of the series.

Kahhori is specifically created for What If…? and she’s the first indigenous superhero we’ve seen in the MCU. Her powers are infused from the Tesseract, but she’s just jaw-dropping in action. She was created in close contact with the Mohawk tribe, and its safe to say that I can’t wait for her to make the jump to live-action. Her episode is that good.

As for the complaints about What If…?, the only real complaint I have is the same as last season. Some of the actors they hired to replace people who couldn’t or wouldn’t do the show are glaringly bad. You’d think after a full season of dialogue that the Tony Stark impersonator that they hired would do a better job, but it’s just glaringly bad. In the cases of others, they’re just not special or doing too much for people to notice. Lake Bell is the only one that makes someone else’s character her own with Black Widow.

Outside of that, What If…? season two is a Marvel fan’s dream come true. The stories on display this season are better as a whole than season one, with a couple jumping out like Kahhori’s and the 1602 Avengers.

What If…? season two debuts on December 22nd and continues every day until December 30th.

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