Mondo Unveils Retro TMNT Soft Vinyl Figures

Mondo and TMNT have teamed up for new soft vinyl figures of Leonardo and Donatello that are absolutely awesome.

The new figures are available for purchase right now exclusively at They retail for $90 each and you can get more information straight from Mondo HERE.

Check out the figures below!

Inspired by 90s era TMNT design (with a touch of our love for Japanese sofubi), this premium soft vinyl line features articulated figures complete with weapons that can be wielded or holstered for a range of display. 

Designed and sculpted by Alex Brewer and Hector Arce, the line kicks off with fearless leader Leonardo and his killer katanas, plus brainiac brother Donatello and his lightning fast bo staff. 

The two figures should start shipping around October 2024.

They’re both 8″ tall and fit in the palm of your hand! If you’re a TMNT collector, these are looking like an absolutely necessary addition to your collection.

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