Recently, creators of the upcoming multi-platform Doctor Who event Time Lord Victorious sat down to discuss the project at Comic-Con. Read on to find out everything we learned during the panel!

What is Time Lord Victorious?

Time Lord Victorious is an ambitious multi-platform Doctor Who story event.

“It’s comics, it’s audio dramas, it’s novels, it is gaming, it is an escape room. There’s an immersive theater experience. Weirdly, there are toys,” BBC producer James Goss said.

Overall, Time Lord Victorious will have over 30 different parts spreading across 10 different platforms.

While that might sound a bit overwhelming, creators assure fans they won’t need to check out all 30 parts to understand the story. Each project will be self-contained, but part of a wider cross-platform arc.

Which Doctor Who characters will appear in the story?

Specific details about the Time Lord Victorious arc are being kept under wraps. However, we do know the stories will bring in at least three different Doctors – Eight, Nine, and Ten – across different platforms.

Fan favorite companion Rose Tyler will be back, and so will the Ood.

And of course, there will be Daleks. But also…something worse? Apparently the story involves a new villain even the Daleks are afraid of.

“Coming up with a villain that’s scary enough that the Daleks are freaked out by them has been a lot of fun,” said writer Jody Houser.

When does it start?

The event kicks off September 2 with the release of Time Lord Victorious #1 from Titan Comics. The comics arc features David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. You can preview the comics covers below.

After that, the releases across different platforms will roll out in the following 12 weeks. Time Lord Victorious #2 releases October 7.

Later in October, Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor joins the arc in a new trio of audio dramas from Big Finish. The stories are called “Mutually Assured Destruction,” “The Enemy of My Enemy,” and “He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not.”

To hear more from the creators themselves, check out the full Comic-Con panel for the event below.