The suspense didn’t last too long. One week after its premiere, Amazon has officially renewed Fallout for a second season. The renewal comes as little surprise as the series has been a hit. Critics and audiences have been very positive about the first season, giving Prime Video one of its highest-rated series. Little is known at this time about the new season or when it might be released. However, given the ending of the first season, New Vegas, a popular location in the game franchise could be in store. Of course, as more information is made available, we’ll be sure to cover it here at That Hashtag Show. In the meantime, all 8 episodes of the excellent first season are now available to stream on Prime Video.


There is no question that Fallout has been a success for Amazon. In its first four days, the series ranked among Prime Video’s top three most-watched titles ever and the most-watched season globally since Rings of Power.

Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios had this to say in the renewal announcement.

Jonah, Lisa, Geneva, and Graham have captivated the world with this ground-breaking, wild ride of a show. The bar was high for lovers of this iconic video game and so far we seem to have exceeded their expectations, while bringing in millions of new fans to the franchise. The cast led by Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins, and Kyle MacLachlan have knocked it out of the park!

Executive Producer and director Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy of Kilter Films were equally excited about the renewal news.

Praise be to our insanely brilliant showrunners, Geneva and Graham, to our kick-ass cast, to Todd and James and all the legends at Bethesda, and to Jen, Vernon and the amazing team at Amazon for their incredible support of this show.  We can’t wait to blow up the world all over again.


Based on one of the greatest video game series of all time, Fallout is the story of haves and have-nots in a world in which there’s almost nothing left to have. Two-hundred years after the apocalypse, the gentle denizens of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the irradiated hellscape their ancestors left behind—and are shocked to discover an incredibly complex, gleefully weird, and highly violent universe waiting for them. 

Ella Purnell is Lucy, an optimistic Vault-dweller with an all-American can-do spirit. Her peaceful and idealistic nature is tested when she is forced to the surface to rescue her father. Aaron Moten is Maximus, a young soldier who rises to the rank of squire in the militaristic faction called the Brotherhood of Steel. He will do anything to further the Brotherhood’s goals of bringing law and order to the wasteland. Walton Goggins is the Ghoul, a morally ambiguous bounty hunter who holds within him a 200-year history of the post-nuclear world. These disparate parties collide when chasing an artifact from an enigmatic researcher that has the potential to radically change the power dynamic in this world.


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