Fallout, the new show from Prime Video, is certainly not the first video game adaption but it might just be the best. Based on the popular video game franchise, the series is set 200 years after the nuclear apocalypse. Fallout stars Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets), Aaron Moten (Emancipation), and Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight). The series is executive-produced by Jonathan Nolan, who also directed the first three episodes. All eight episodes of the season are now available on Prime Video. Keep reading for my full review and a look at the trailer.


As with every entry in Fallout, we start things off with a Vault Dweller who is forced to leave the safety of the vault and venture into the unknown Wasteland. What makes the TV series different from the game, though, is that we get a few main characters to follow instead of just one. The series has three main characters, Lucy, Maximus, and The Ghoul. Each represents a different perspective and way they approach the Wasteland.

The series does an excellent job of giving each the right amount of focus, intersecting their stories with one another throughout the season. At no point during the season did it feel as though we were getting too much or too little of one of them. With only eight episodes in the season, it helped ensure nothing dragged on or was filler. The only downside to only 8 episodes, is it did leave a few questions left open by the end of the season. Hopefully, these will be answered in a future season. But these are not enough of an issue to diminish the overall enjoyment of the series.


Ella Pruell and Aaron Moten, both do a great job in their respective roles. Pruell as Lucy, is the proxy for viewers as they are introduced to the Wasteland. From the moment Lucy steps through the Vault doors, we are taken on the journey of how her views of the world are forced to grow and change to survive. Pruell does outstanding work taking the character through those changes in a believable way. She never falls into a damsel in distress trope but still shows she is capable of adapting to survive in this world.

While all the acting was well done, I do have to call out Walton Goggins for his amazing work as The Ghoul. Goggins brings a charm and likability to a character that does everything to make you not like them. As I watched Fallout, I couldn’t help but think this would be Boyd Crowder (Goggins’ standout character in Justified) in the apocalypse. The actor has a proven ability to take the “bad guy” and make him compelling and must-watch. On the flip side of that character is Cooper Howard, who Goggins also plays, a patriotic Western movie star. Goggins plays both of these characters, who couldn’t be more different, perfectly.


As is the case with many adaptations, there can be a difficult line to walk between satisfying fans of the original content, while also appealing to a new audience. In this case, I’m glad to say that Fallout does both with great success. I have been a longtime fan of the video game series, so I approached the series with a degree of expectation. There are plenty of easter eggs and moments that fans of the games will pick up on immediately. The creative team behind the show did a fantastic job in that aspect. It truly felt as though you were watching Fallout 5 play out onscreen.

However, there is a danger in leaning too far into appeasing current fans. While viewing the series, I was able to watch alongside someone who had never heard of the Fallout video game. That provided me with a unique perspective on how the series would be received by those completely new to the franchise. Of course, they did have some questions during the episodes. “What is ghoul”, “How many vaults are there”, and other queries a newcomer to Fallout would ask. Most of these questions do get answered during the season, but the great thing to see was that even without that background information already, they were completely engaged with the series. For as good as Fallout is, this might be its best quality. The ability to make existing fans happy and make brand-new ones.


Fallout, as an adaptation of an immensely popular video game franchise, carries a weighty burden of expectation. Across the board, Fallout not only met but exceeded those expectations. The world-building on display is some of the best we’ve seen on TV. The video game series is well known for its quirky characters and locations that make up the Wasteland. The TV series does a fantastic job of staying true to that. Everything during the season felt perfect, as though it came directly from the game itself. The characters, the sites, and the sounds, everything screamed Fallout.

All other future video game adaptations should use Fallout as the standard on how to appeal to both existing fans and find new ones. Video game adaptations don’t have the greatest track record, but Amazon completely nailed this one and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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