As it turns out, Crunchyroll isn’t done yet with their Spring 2024 anime season. It seems that they actually have more anime series to add to their already extensive list. Which anime series, you might ask? Well, let’s find out together, shall we? So going by date, we have:

March 30

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 (8bit) ~ Title added on 3/28

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 3 NA key visual.
Return of the classic shonen anime battle visual, I see.

Rimuru expands his domain, his dream of a nation where humans and monsters can prosper together is almost realized. To celebrate and invite new citizens, a grand festival is thrown. However, his new realm faces a threat when a fabricated war declaration draws the monster-hating cult of Luminism toward it for battle. Can Rimuru save his dream or will it be destroyed before it begins?

Amazingly, it’s one of the better isekai anime.

Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included (Okuruto Noboru) ~ Title added on 3/29

Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included Japanese key visual.
Why does this look like a harem anime?

After a long day, high schooler Shintaro Tokumitsu’s plans for relaxing in his studio apartment take a turn when he discovers an angel on his balcony. The divine girl, Towa, reveals she’s there to study humanity, and yet despite his skepticism, he agrees to put her up. Prepare for the most heavenly and high jinks roommate experience of all time!

Ah, so it is a harem fantasy anime.

April 1

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Battle for Sanctuary Part 2 (Toei Animation) ~ Title added on 3/13

Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac - Battle for Sanctuary Part 2 NA key visual.
I see the CGI anime is coming to this in full force.

The final hour is approaching! There are only five hours left until the arrow of the God Killer pierces Athena’s heart. Only the Pope, who sits atop the sanctuary, can save Athena. However, in order for Seiya and the other four Bronze Saints to reach the Pope’s Chamber, they must break through the Twelve Palaces protected by the Golden Saints. There are five more palaces waiting for them to reach the Pope’s Chamber. Can Seiya and his team defeat the powerful enemies that stand in their way and reach the Pope’s Chamber, where the shocking truth is hidden?

Fortunately, this anime seem to have pretty good CGI.

April 2

RoOT/Route of OddTaxi ~ Title added on 3/15

RoOT/Route of OddTaxi NA key visual.
For those of you not in the know: this is the live-action spinoff to that one anime.

The hardened veteran detective Rena and bright-eyed rookie Sato take on a menial investigation. The job goes well until a thug named Dobu steals their evidence. Disheartened, they take a job looking into the life of a taxi driver named Odokawa in hopes of redeeming themselves. They wind up in the middle of a missing girl case, with gangsters, aspiring students, and surprises around every corner.

I am genuinely curious as to how this relates to the OddTaxi anime.

April 4

A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics (SynergySP and Studio Comet) ~ Title added on 4/3

A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics Japanese key visual.
Ah, I see we have yet another harem anime.

A princess from another world is transported to modern Japan and meets with a curious cast of characters!

At least this harem anime is more on the comedic side and…contains direct Detective Conan references?!

April 5

HIGHSPEED Étoile (studio A-CAT) ~ Title added on 4/3

HIGHSPEED Étoile Japanese key visual.
Why does this anime’s key visual make me hear eurobeat?

Rin Rindo, who once dreamt of becoming a ballet dancer before being sidelined by injury, is embracing a quiet life with her grandmother until she is unexpectedly thrust into the high-speed world of racing. Now, she faces a new adrenaline-fueled reality in the NEX Race, a revolutionary motorsport event exceeding speeds of 500 km/h.

An anime with late-season RWBY levels of CGI animation too, I see.

April 6

My Hero Academia: Memories (BONES) ~ Title added on 4/2

An in-depth, four-episode recap of the past six seasons of My Hero Academia.

Dragon Raja -The Blazing Dawn- (HANABARA Animation) ~ Title added on 4/3

Dragon Raja -The Blazing Dawn- Japanese key visual.
The key visual for this anime is giving me The Lion King vibes.

Lu Mingfei is a typical high school kid getting ready to graduate. That is, until he receives an acceptance letter from Cassell College, a school he didn’t even apply to. Upon arrival, Lu learns that the school’s mission is simple: protect humanity from dragons. Caught in the midst of the age-old conflict, Lu soon uncovers the grim truth behind humanity’s war against the dragon race.

Alas though, the dragons in this anime appear to be evil.

Tonari no Yokai-san (LIDENFILMS) ~ Title added on 4/3

Tonari no Yokai-san Japanese key visual.
A yokai slice of life anime? This is certainly unexpected.

Welcome to Engamori, the cozy town where supernatural beings are your friendly neighbors. For generations and to this day, the otherworldly Yokai and humans have continued to protect their easygoing way of life. Enjoy the mountain breeze and uncover the mysterious bonds that lie within.

Unexpected, but very welcome judging by this trailer.

April 7

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 (Kyoto Animation) ~ Title added on 3/15

Sound! Euphonium Season 3 Japanese key visual.
Ah, the almost but not quite yuri anime.

After Kumiko Oumae’s fabled first year with the Kitauji High School Ensemble, the club’s results in her second year leave everyone feeling discouraged. Determined to turn the club around and win the gold at nationals, Kumiko takes her role as club president seriously and works alongside the instructor, Noboru Taki, to get the ensemble in shape. They’ll take home the gold at the nationals yet!

I want to like this anime, but then there’s the aborted yuri.

April 9

Unnamed Memory (ENGI) ~ Title added on 3/15

Unnamed Memory NA key visual.
Ooh, a medieval fantasy anime?

Seeking to end a curse thwarting his lineage, Prince Oscar sets out on a quest that leads him to a powerful and beautiful witch, Tinasha, and he demands a unique bargain: marriage. Though unenthused by the proposal, she agrees to stay in his castle for a year while researching the spell cast upon him. But beneath her beauty lies a lifetime of dark secrets that soon come to light.

  • Dubs include: German
And a romantic fantasy anime to boot.

April 10

Date A Live V (Geek Toys) ~ Title added on 3/15

Date A Live V Japanese key visual.
Oh, no! Not this anime again!

Cute girls with catastrophic powers? Sounds like trouble! These Spirits cause devastating spatial quakes. The solution? Defeat them…or seduce them. Shido Itsuka possesses the unique charm to make Spirits fall in love. However, just as Shido could save humanity, DEM Industries will stop at nothing to exploit the Spirits’ power. Can love conquer all, or will Shido’s mission end in disaster?

  • Dubs include: English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese
I am filled with the urge to make incomphensible screeches of rage every time I see this anime.

April 13

THE NEW GATE (Yokohama Animation Laboratory and Cloud Hearts) ~ Title added on 4/3

THE NEW GATE NA key visual.
Why do these Kirito clones keep showing up in anime?

When an online game turns real, trapping its players in its virtual space, the strongest of them, Shin, rises up to put a stop to the madness. But just moments after defeating the game’s final boss, Origin, and freeing everyone, Shin is transported 500 years into the future of the in-game world. Armed with unrivaled strength, the young swordsman embarks on a legendary journey.

Wait, this anime is basically a Sword Art Online fanfic.

May 4

My Hero Academia Season 7 (BONES) Title added on 4/2

My Hero Academia Season 7 NA key visual.
Now this anime is a super banger.

My Hero Academia is a Japanese anime series based on the popular comics by Kohei Horikoshi. It is set in a world where about eighty percent of the population has a superpowered Quirk. Heroes protect people and society from accidents, disasters, and villains—criminals who use their Quirks for evil. The story of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates at U.A. High School and their growth, fights, and friendship unfolds as they aim to become heroes.

Literally, because this is a superhero anime in the vein of Marvel and DC.

Coming Soon

YATAGARASU: The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master (Pierrot) ~ Title added on 4/3

YATAGARASU: The Raven Does Not Choose Its Master NA key visual.
I’m getting BL vibes from this anime.

Welcome to Yamauchi, a world inhabited by the Yatagarasu, a race of three-legged ravens who shapeshift into humans. The land is divided into four regions—North, South, East, and West—each ruled by a noble family. Yukiya, the son of a leader in the North, is shocked by a call to attend to the Imperial Prince. Murder, mysteries, and an invasion from an unexpected enemy await in this epic fantasy.

This totally a BL anime, but it also looks like a great historical fantasy anime too.