Blade Runner was one of the most influential sci-fi and cyberpunk films back when it came out in 1982. It was singlehandedly responsible for influencing those entire genres, and it’s still one of the best films out there. Now, it’s getting a comic book prequel in the form of Blade Runner Origins. Not only that, it even has a brand new trailer now.

Now if only this was a movie.

Blade Runner Origins will be a new comic book series from Titan Comics set in the Blade Runner universe. More specifically, the story will take place 10 years prior to the film itself. It’s a time before blade runners even exist, but Tyrell Corp. is still up to their old tricks. The official synopsis is as follows:

A Tyrell Corporation scientist is DEAD – the victim of an apparent suicide.
But when LAPD Detective Cal is called in to investigate, he uncovers secret documents revealing a new kind of replicant and a conspiracy that could change the world.

FEATURES AN ALL-STAR CREATIVE TEAM with Titan’s bestselling Blade Runner 2019 co-writer MIKE JOHNSON plus

K. PERKINS (Supergirl) and MELLOW BROWN (American Gods).

Travel Guide for 2009 Los Angeles: Blade Runner Style

Blade Runner Origins cover A.
If this doesn’t scream “cyberpunk”, I don’t know what does.

Blade Runner Origins #1 will go on sale starting February 24, 2021. The issue will go for $3.99, and will be available at your local comic book store, or ComiXology. If you live in the UK or Europe though, you’ll find this comic at Forbidden Planet. Which honestly, sounds like a really cool name for a comic book store to me.

A cityscape scene from 2009 Los Angeles.
What can be more forbidden than Blade Runner‘s Los Angeles?

Even better, Blade Runner Origins #1 will feature a bunch of different variant covers. Each one is unique, and tells a different story. If you’re interested in collecting those sorts of comics, you might want to check out the physical copies.

Blade Runner Origins variant cover.
Okay, maybe this screams “cyberpunk” even more.
Another variant cover for Blade Runner Origins.
There’s something to be said about retro art though.


Blade Runner Origins will be the official Titan Comics comic book prequel to the original 1982 sci-fi/cyberpunk film. At least, when it comes out on February 24, 2021, it will. Until then, see you space replicant hunter.

Source: Titan Comics Insider