Rob Liefeld, Image Comics co-founder and Deadpool creator, will soon offer comic fans a rare peek into his decades-long career. Liefeld will debut his memoir Robservations in early 2025.

Robservations will take readers on a captivating journey through Liefeld’s personal life and 35+ years working in comics, from his early years at DC to his groundbreaking contributions to Marvel and beyond. The memoir will take readers inside the inner workings of comic book publishers and little-known facts about the industry. It will also feature ten original illustrations.

“I have had a lifelong love affair with comic books. They have been my passion since I was seven years old. Having been fortunate to break into the business as a teenager in the 80s, I’ve seen five decades of tremendous change, quite a bit of upheaval, and a fair amount of rebellion and betrayal. Some of which I started. It’s been quite a ride, and I’m eager to share this incredible ride with everyone,” said Liefeld.

In the early 90s, Liefeld introduced iconic characters like Deadpool and Cable to Marvel Comics. This catapulted sales to unprecedented heights, with record-shattering single book sales of 5 million copies of “X-Force #1”. 

“Watching my creations become roles portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Minka Kelly with many more on the way, is a crazy culmination of my comic book dreams as a kid,” Liefeld added. “Over the course of my career, comic books have become a rich minefield that drives pop culture.” 

Marvel’s third Deadpool film, featuring Liefeld’s characters, will premiere this summer.

Following his work at Marvel, Liefeld went on to co-found Image Comics, the third-largest comic publisher in history. Significantly, Image Comics allowed creators to publish material without giving up copyrights to their characters, something that other publishers had never offered. Liefeld’s creations Youngblood, Bloodstrike, and Prophet, each sold over a million copies on their debuts, an unheard of achievement for independent comics at the time. 

Liz Parker and David Boxerbaum from Verve Talent represent Liefeld. Robservations will be published by BenBella.

“BenBella is thrilled to partner with legendary comic artist Rob Liefield on the release of his memoir. Rob offers a glimpse into the hurdles and triumphs of his 38-year career, the origin stories of many beloved characters, and what’s next for the creator of Deadpool and Cable. We’re excited to help Rob share his story with fans who love comic books as much as he does,” said BenBella CEO Glenn Yeffeth.

Robservations will release in early 2025. Until then, check back to THS for more updates.

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