In the final installment of Ben Kliewer’s video interview series with comicbook legend Rob Liefeld (Creator of Deadpool, X-Force and writer of IDW’s Snake Eyes: Deadgame) and talks all things comicbook culture.

Rob opens up about his excitement about the world finally opening back up after the global pandemic, what he’s excited about, and what his mission as a comics creator has been.

Most importantly, Ben asks the hard-hitting questions about what exactly is going on with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, now that he’s joining the MCU!

Robs 5-issue run on the G.I. Joe series Snake Eyes: Deadgame is on comicbook store shelves right now. X-Force: Killshot comes out in November. Finally, Deadpool can be seen officially joining the MCU in his Free Guy trailer reaction video, alongside Taika Waititi’s fan-favorite MCU character Korg!

So, what did you think of the interview? Are you a fan of Rob Liefeld? When do you think Deadpool is coming to the MCU?

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