Exclusive: Get ready to brace yourselves for the return of Dexter Morgan, the beloved homicidal psychopath, as it seems he is making a comeback once more! After the completion of the Paramount+ and Showtime and the success of New Blood, the network has announced there will be multiple spin-offs taking fans back into the world of Dexter Morgan.

Dexter: Origins the prequel series is a straight-to-series order. There hasn’t been much released about what we can expect, until now! We here at That Hashtag Show have casting information that lets us know the timeline we should be expecting, the characters we will be revisiting, as well as the filming timeline.

Let’s dive in!

DEXTER: ORIGINS – Who Will We See Again?

Of course, we need the anti-hero, loveable serial killer himself, Dexter Morgan. Originally played by Michael C. Hall, they are looking for someone to portray him at 20 years old for the Origins series. This places the show somewhere between 10-15 years before the original series. As well as right at the beginning of Dexter’s first kill.

If you remember from the original series, Dexter’s first official kill happened in 1991 when he was 20 years old. He killed Nurse Mary, who was a self-proclaimed “Angel of Death” who was poisoning his father, Harry. This is the moment where Harry, who knows about his son’s “dark passenger”, assists Dexter in developing a Code that allows him to fulfill his urges while also benefiting society.

The rest of the breakdown mentions how Dexter excels in his pre-med courses graduating at the top of his class. Then, he joined Miami Metro in forensics, where his sharp intellect, lack of aversion to gruesome tasks, and unwavering focus make him a standout student. This information puts us at a specific time at the beginning of his career.

This means the series is also looking for a very much alive Harry Morgan, originally played by James Remar. Unlike the original series where Harry appeared in Flash Backs or as a manifestation of Dexter’s conscious, he will be 40 years old, and a sergeant with the Miami Metro Police Department. I cannot wait to see Harry struggle with his moral code viscerally hating criminals, especially murderers. Then having to navigate his relationship with his son, a serial killer in the making.

To round out the Morgan family, they are also on the hunt for a 17-year-old Debra Morgan, originally played by Jennifer Carpenter. Deb is complicated, to put it lightly. If you watched the original series you saw the rise, fall, and destruction of the fantastic character. However, in Dexter: Origins we’ll be able to see the young girl before she spun out after losing her father and learning of her brother’s secret.


For our other series regulars of Dexter: Origins inside the Miami Metro Police Department, we are getting the new character Spencer. Spencer is the 50-year-old and Assistant Chief of Police. His priority is to assemble a top-notch team to investigate the abduction of a prominent Judge’s son. Dexter will be very observant of Spencer’s approach to dispensing justice when faced with a deeply personal crisis.

That said, we are also getting a couple of familiar characters which throws me off a bit. Coming back to Miami Metro are 30-year-old Maria Laguerta and Angel Bautista. I thought Dexter, Laguerta, and Bautista were all roughly the same age. I guess for the sake of this series I am very wrong. It’s important to note that the breakdown mentions Bautista’s signature fedora and goatee. He will also be part of Harry’s team while Laguerta will be the new rising star. We are also getting creeper Vince Masuka who will be 20 years old working on Harry’s team.

Returning Recurring Guest Stars for Dexter: Origins

We’re not done with returning original Dexter series characters yet. There will also be a younger version of Lieutenant Tom Matthews, originally played by Geoff Pierson. He is the leader of Harry’s team at Miami Metro Police and hot-headed as ever.

One of the biggest surprises will be the return of Laura Moser, Dexter’s birth mother, originally played by Sage Kirkpatrick. As we know from the original series, Laura was Harry’s informant. We also know Harry and Laura have an illicit affair. I’m curious to see where they go with this. Laura died in front of Dexter as a baby. So, will she be in tons of Harry flashbacks? What are they doing here?

The following new characters help fill out the rest of the Metro Police Department. There’s Bobby Watt (40s) who is Harry’s homicide partner and best friend. Tanya Martin (Female/30s/Black) is the forensics chief working with Harry’s team. Clark Sanders (20s, Male, Latino/Latine or Black) is a cop attached to Miami Metro Homicide and becomes a close confidant for Dexter.

Rounding out the words are a couple of other characters. First, Camilla (40s/Female/White), originally played by Margo Martindale, Camilla is Harry’s late wife’s friend who is now a file clerk at Miami Metro Police. We will also meet Sofia (17/female/Latina/Latine). Sofia is Deb’s best friend, volleyball teammate, and fellow troublemaker.


Dexter: Origins is the prequel to the original Dexter series, Now we will witness 20-year-old Dexter being mentored by his father, Harry Morgan, as he navigates the challenge of harnessing his insatiable urge to kill while maintaining a facade of normalcy within society.

Casting is looking for actors who resemble the original cast of the series. Dexter: Origins is set to begin filming in June 2024 in Los Angeles, which isn’t shocking since the original was filmed in Long Beach.