Teen Titans are about to have some live-action counterparts. The DC team of teen heroes are getting their own live-action feature from DC Studios.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first with the news about Ana Nogueira getting the chance to write the script for the project. She’s already been in business with DC Studios on the script for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. The Teen Titans made their start at DC in the ’60s with a team led by Robin and joined by a rogues gallery of teenage heroes.

The team’s 1980s relaunch sent them to superstardom in comics, and the animated series of the 2000s made them household names. The New Teen Titans is one of DC’s highest-selling books. That run matured the characters and introduced true archenemies and themes that reverberate to this day.

Teen Titans Go! only cemented the team as a fan favorite, so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle this with the live-action film.

The upcoming DC relaunch is led by Superman (formerly known as Superman: Legacy) and the guidance of james Gunn and Peter Safran. There’s plenty of projects upcoming including Creature Commandos and Supergirl.

This is a developing story and we’ll keep you updated on it as we get more news.

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Source: THR

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