Do monster battles beat superhero showdowns? They do for now – at least on HBO Max. 

According to third party researcher Samba TV, more households watched Godzilla vs. Kong than Wonder Woman 1984 during their respective opening weeks.

Samba TV reports 3.6 million households streamed Godzilla vs. Kong during its premiere weekend. This outpaces the previous premiere crownholder, WW84, which drew in 2.4 million households.

The monster flick also dominated at the in-person box office. Godzilla vs. Kong made $9.6 million on opening day – the most earned by any theatrical premiere since the pandemic began.

You do have to take Samba TV’s numbers with a grain of salt though. Since HBO Max – like most streaming services – keeps their official numbers pretty close to the chest, this is a bit of a “best guess” scenario. Samba TV doesn’t have full access to HBO Max’s view counts; rather, they collect data from opt-in Smart TVs. So it’s more accurate to say at least 3.6 million households watched Godzilla vs. Kong on HBO Max opening weekend.

Can Godzilla vs. Kong hold on to the HBO Max crown?

The movie may have ousted Wonder Woman 1984, but can Godzilla vs. Kong hold on to the “most streamed” crown? 

Thanks to their deal with parent company Warner Media, all of Warner Bros.’ 2021 blockbusters will land on HBO Max concurrent with their theatrical releases. That means the MonsterVerse faces challengers like Mortal Kombat, The Suicide Squad, Dune, and more.

Personally, I think all of those films will debut even bigger than Godzilla vs. Kong. But we’ll just have to wait and see to find out.

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Source: Samba TV