“Shang-Chi, at its core, is a Marvel movie. That comes with a promise of action,” says star Simu Liu.

And that’s a promise Marvel is really looking to deliver on. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at the action in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in the clip below.

“We’re going to incorporate a lot of different styles of martial arts,” continues Liu. “Tai chi, which is very flowy. Another one is Wing Chun, which is a bit more combative. And then looking at certain regional styles to kind of fill this mosaic of how this character moves.”

The clip shows off both the film’s martial arts action and large-scale practical effects. If you’ve seen the Shang-Chi trailers, you know some big action takes place on a city bus. This latest clip gives you more of a look at how the bus stunts made it onto screen.

What does that mean for moviegoers? Marvel CCO Kevin Feige probably says it best.

“This film will take your breath away,” Feige promises.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings stars Simu Liu as Shang-Chi, who must confront the past he thought he left behind when he is drawn into the web of the mysterious Ten Rings organization. The film also stars Awkwafina as Shang-Chi’s friend Katy, Michelle Yeoh as Ying Nan, and Tony Leung as Xu Wenwu, Shang-Chi’s father. Additional stars include Meng’er Zhang, Fala Chen, Florian Munteanu, Benedict Wong, Yuen Wah, Ronny Chieng, Zach Cherry, and Dallas Liu. 

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings poster

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Source: Disney