The tweets and retweets from Mark Hamill just keep coming. Like I have said a million times, if you are not following Mark Hamill on Twitter you are missing out. Yesterday Mark Hamill Retweeted a post that showed the back luck they had on the first week of filming on Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. For those that don’t know A New Hope began filming 45 years ago this past week. Well in a Tweet from Star Wars Holocron, it was brought up how bad weather disrupted the first week of the filming of Star Wars. Hamill responded to the tweet reminding us that it was not the only unlucky Star Wars Movie first week of filming they had!

A rainstorm the 1st week of filming #SW (A New Hope) was foreshadowing for the 1st week of #ESB, when a blizzard prevented shooting on a glacier 90 minutes away. Instead, we filmed 100 yards behind the hotel as tourists watched from their balconies while sipping their tea. #TrueStories

Twitter: Mark Hamill

As you can see not even the weather can stop Star Wars! We are all thankful that George Lucas was able to overcome these roadblocks and give us some of the greatest movies of all time!

Pink Shorts Boom Guy Star Wars A New Hope
Mark Hamill on set of Star Wars: A New Hope

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